I’ve been interested in 3D concept and simulation since roughly 2011. I’ve tried different softwares like Cinema 4D or SketchUp but Blender 3D is the one who retained my attention.  First of all, that software is free. Secondly the team and community behind it is very dynamic and never stop pushing the software towards the top.


Since version 2.8, Blender 3D has been easier to use and also better optimized. It’s a pleasure to use and more specifically it is very useful for customers who wish to see anything they imagine. If you have a place you wish to renovate, a product you would like to highlight, a garden you want to landscape or even an entire property you would imagine in its final environment, a 3D concept or simulation can be a useful choice. You can have any view angle you desire. You can also render images at different times of the day or night.


3D is very versatile. It can create illustrations or design a shop based on a blue print or just has a concept. It can also imagine how a future garden would look like. Hence it can simulates any type of packaging presentation for clients who wish to see the result before going for printing. It’s even possible to create animations for the web.


As far as I am concerned, since I’ve developed that new 3D concept and simulation skill, many clients have appreciated the fact that they can see the result before spending more of their budget. It also saves them a lot of time and helps them elaborate better quotations for their own clients. It is also a good option to start with simpler designs that will be refined over time so we can iterate and improve the concept while keeping control on the budget.

3D simulation of packaging for Zidea in Siem Reap side view - graphic design cambodia
spices packaging design - Khla hero image
Herbal Kulen, 4 floating packaging
3D simulation of gate covered with banners
3D simulation of shelves positioning for Sirivan Concept Store (front view)
3D concept of a modern cabin in the woods facing a lake
3D concept of the inside of a modern cabin in the woods facing a lake
Close up on the visual branding identity of the backdrop
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