This is the first time I realized a packaging design of a wedding invitation but all in all, it’s still graphic design. The client had one requirement which was a flower shaped card.

Wedding invitation

When folded, the card forms a pentagon. On the back side appears a title (in Khmer), the name of the bride and the groom followed by the date of the wedding. On the front, there is an illustration of a lotus flower. I’ve used a free photo downloaded from Then I isolated the flower and finally vectorized it. The next step was to place the illustration on top of two petals and make sure everything aligned nicely when closed. Several were necessary to make it work.

The inside of the invitation is using the same color scheme than the outside (white and gold). Firstly, we have the names of the two families followed with the mention “invite you to the wedding of”. Then we have, again, the name of the bride & groom, centered and naturally bigger than the rest of the content. Underneath we see the date and the location. On the bottom petal, there is a short paragraph inviting guest to follow a web link if they needed more informations about the event. Finally, to wrap this packaging design, I’ve added to each corner of the petal a smaller version of the lotus flower illustration.


Naturally, white and gold were the most straight forward colors. We did also a version with a metallic color. Between the two, I prefer the golden accent. It is a warmer color and fits very well with the white paper. It feels also more premium.


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