Herbal Kulen started a range of 4 tea products for which they needed a logo, tea boxes design, stickers and a website.


In 2019, we started to work on the logo design. The client had the icon in mind so after reproducing it, I’ve worked on harmonized the Khmer lettering with the English title. In 2022 we updated the logo to better fit the new range of product Herbal Kulen has developed over the passed years.

Tea Boxes

Once we were done with the logo I searched the design for the boxes. Firstly, I’ve vectorized all the necessary ingredients which appeared on the front side of the box with a dedicated color. The rest of the content was going to be printed in gold ink. Also, each side of the packaging displayed one language : Khmer and Chinese. The background color followed the color of the graphical ingredients of the front side. At the back, the content from the side appeared one more time but in English this time. Hence, each ingredients showed an image and title in Khmer and English. Finally, at the bottom, we got the contact informations, social media references and bar code. Once the first product was design and approved, I did the other 3 boxes design.



Creating the stickers was a simple process because we kept the front and the back of the previously designed boxes and applied it separately on a soft paper packaging with a zip.


Once the design of the tea boxes and stickers were made, I’ve created a one page website presenting the products.


If you liked this type of project you can visit another tea packaging I’ve made for Thé d’Asie.

Herbal Kulen, 4 floating packaging
Photo by Olena Bohovyk from Pexels
Photo by koko rahmadie from Pexels

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