Visual branding identity for the restaurant Tipsy situated in WB Arena (based in Phnom Penh) with a creation of a mascot, a red octopus.


This is by far the biggest banner I ever created. Basically it covered 3 quarters of the top part of the Tipsy restaurant. The design you see on this page is actually not the design that was printed because the image the client wanted to use was not created by myself. In the regard, I preferred to show something I’ve done and it still looks good anyway!


The main subject of this visual branding identity was to design, illustrated the mascot of the restaurant. In fact, I went for an octopus as its several arms can adapt to any shape and form. Hence, we don’t always have to show its full body as everyone know how an octopus looks like. For the color, I chose red because it contrast well with sea scapes in general so it would be easy to show it off on any format and cool background like the sea landscape I made.

Glass door sticker design

Once, I got the octopus ready, I could go on and work on the glass door design that was required by the client. I’ve used the octopus arms independently so they could grab the dishes presented around it. The yellow of the price tags used the color of the Tipsy logo for better integration. Furthermore, the title’s lettering style in Khmer had to be close to street art.

Backdrop design

WB Arena has a huge terrace along the river where Tipsy sets live music. I’ve designed the backdrop according to the rest of the visual branding identity. In the center stands the yellow Tipsy logo that is handled by octopus arms sticking out from bushes of sea weeds all around the artwork.

Menu design

Tipsy Seafood restaurant also has food carts. In fact, they got 3 different stalls that I decorated. Each of them sells specific type of food : Seafood, Barbecue and Papaya salad. Again, each of them had a street art lettering, a proper color and a splash of dedicated ingredients in the background.

3D simulation

Evidently, there was many banners, and food stalls, a skylight and the client wanted to have an overall idea of how all this branding would come together, I made a 3D simulation to just do that. They sent me the master plan of the WB Arena so I could set the measurements relatively well. From there, I built everything else from scratch with the help of some pictures. In fact, They are in Phnom Penh and I live in Siem Reap but that was not a problem at all. Once the 3D was complete, I could send them any view the client needed.


If you wish to see more visual branding identity work I have done, please visit Bike Against the Clock project.

visual identity for Tipsy Gate at WB Arena

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Front corner of Tipsy restaurant in WB Arena
Tipsy restaurant view with terrace ans slylight
Visual branding for glass doors
Illustration octopus
Visual branding for Tipsy's stage backdrop
Illustration for foodcart
Branding identity of 3 food stalls at WB Arena

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