This is a personal project where I tried to apply most of the 3D technics I’ve learned so far to realize this 3D simulation landscape. The cabin is not my creation though as I’m not an architect in any way but I like small places like tiny houses. I’ve reproduced its design using the following website.


Most of the furniture assets used in this 3D simulation landscape are free. They are called Free Furniture By Dimensiva. Other assets like the trees, the pots, plants, various grass and flowers come from a blender plugin called Tree and grass library. I’ve been using this plugin for a little while now and it’s quite powerful into making any sort of landscape.


Every 3D project needs some textures. Asset Bridge has been my go to for a little while now. The integration with the asset browser works very well. The plugin includes also some free assets and HDRI for lighting your scene. I’m not trying to reach the perfect realistic 3D simulation so these free plugins are fairly enough for me today.


The most tricky part about reproducing this beautiful modern cabin was to get its proportions right. In fact, the photographer who shoot that place used a very wide lens so it was difficult to get a sens of sizes. In the end, I focused on being able to fit all the necessary modules and furnitures and end up with a cabin a bit bigger than the original but it still looks fine to me. I also made the terrace bigger than the original as I felt it was too narrow.


Sculpting the landscape was something I was looking forward. In that, I’ve watch several videos about the technic and for the first time I’ve experienced it myself. At first, I’ve created a pond with the trees surrounding it all around. It lacked of perspective so I’ve decided to extend it in a way that we cannot see the full shape letting the view imagine the size of it.

Nice, I can help with some 3D simulations !

I'd like to open a shop and I want to have an idea of how it would look.

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