Sirivan Concept Store, in Siem Reap (Cambodia) needed a website (or web design) where to tell the story of its creator Sirivan, display its clothes collections and publish news about its brand.

Web design

The web design of the site ought to be minimalistic with lots of room for the content to breath. I’ve used the famous WordPress platform and the help of Advanced Custom Fields plugin to deliver to the client an easy to use interface. The home page had a slideshow which would pull its informations from chosen posts. There would also be an emphasis on the story of Sirivan returning to Cambodia and her expertise in the creation of women & men’s clothes and accessories. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and that website never got the chance to be in full use.

Front shop simulation

The street where the original Sirivan Concept Store stands is quite dark during the evenings. The client asked to create a simulation of a potential light box that would attract attention when it would be needed. After taking few pictures of the entrance, I’ve realized a view of how light boxes would end up looking.

Street sign

Most of the shops on that Kandal village street area have a similar looking street sign. It is a kakemono like format presented in a simple black frame with a flat metal plate as a based. So we did the same format using some nice photos from a previous shooting the client did. We added the logos of Sirivan Concept Store and also Biniky Chic Nomad. That’s all, simple and efficient.

Shelve 3D simulation

This job was for the newer store of the brand. Upstairs, the client wanted to install a set of shelves in a way that would look modern, dynamic and elegant. After taking few pictures on site, with the help of Blender, I’ve created the space before designing the shelf itself. Once the design was validated, I also delivered the measurements instructions for the next guy that would be building them.

laptop image
Home page Web design for Sirivan Concept Store Cambodia part 1 Home page Web design for Sirivan Concept Store Cambodia part 2

Loic Dumas

Very good and professional work. Damien is very skilled and understand very well our requirements.

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3D simulation of light boxes for Sirivan Concept Store Cambodia front
Web design aperçu on mobile

Yes, I can design that :-)

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