I create quality logo design since 2018 in Siem Reap, Kampot, Phnom Penh and as far as Mondolkiri. Here is a selection of logo designs across industries like Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Media compagnies, Schools, Entertainment, Fashion, Consumables and Eco labels.


Making a quality logo design takes time and research. A logo must go straight to the point. Potential customers should know in an instant what the brand is about, where are its origin. Colours are important too, they convey, reflect and highlight the brand identity of any creative logo. The best logos are often the ones with a short lettering. This way they fit better in any type of space. A square shaped logo is always an advantage. Finally, every logo design should have an online version or ‘mini’ version. It’s quite convenient for websites or app design.


The first logo I’ve designed for a local business here in Siem reap was Pestlab. The challenge with logos like this is that they can potentially have 2 languages that need to shown together. In fact, Khmer writing can be pretty bulky because it has lots of accents above and below. Some of the letters are also way taller than the others. In Cambodia, the khmer writing should always appear on top of the other lettering and it make sense. Finally, exporting a logo is not only the result of having one file.


First, it should have several variants of colours like : the original colourful version, a white version that will fit on dark backgrounds and also a black and whit version. That way, clients will always have the best option available when they ought to fit their brand new logo anywhere they wish. Second, it should come with its set of colour codes so any further expansion of the visual identity will be easy and accessible. Lastly, the font used should be included with all these files.

Logo for antevasi
Logo design for Herbal Kulen
visual branding for pestlab - logo
Read Club Cambodia - logo
logo design for Skincare - siem reap cambodia
Logo Thé d'Asie
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