I’ve created for Khla all their spices packaging design since 2019. We have been working only remotely as the client is in Kampot and Phnom Penh. Working for Khla is my best experience about working online. We never had the opportunity to meet (almost) but it’s been a delight to communicate with the client.

Packaging design

Firstly we started with 3 packaging of Kampot pepper : White, red and black Kampot pepper. Later on, we added 2 more Kampot pepper to the set : Mix of red and black Kampot pepper and Mix of white and black Kampot pepper. Then Khla created a set of Salts and we adapted the color for those four new packaging. After that 2 more pepper from Sichuan and 1 from Cimes we added to the collection. Finally, a set of 6 spices joined the family. Within that period of time we also declined some product as organic. In total there is more than 20 packaging created !

Icons design

For the packaging without any label Khla wanted to have some personal icons that they could be using when needed. I’ve designed for them a set of 3 icons.

Business cards

Following the design of the spices packaging, Khla wanted to have business card. They had 2 types of model : one for general public and one for professionals. The page only display the professional version (in black color) while the other card is in portrait more and the background is white.

Leaflet design

In this case, the client already made a leaflet on their side but the design didn’t reflect the actual range of packaging we created together. So, here we go, I’ve gathered all the content and realize that brand new layout.


If you want to see some other similar projects, please check Skincare Solutions which also has a wide range of stickers and colors.

spices packaging design - coffret
Photo by Khla
Photo of pepper farm in Kampot
Business card design - back
Business card design - front
spices packaging design - full collection
photo of black pepper

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