Along the passed few years I’ve been working on the visual identity for Siem Reap à la Carte (Voyage au Cambodge) and more recently on the new web design and development of the site. We started with the graphic design of the flyer, followed with the business card and also refined the logo. The last job was redoing the website.



The first work we have done was to design the flyer. The idea was to have a special cut at the top, in a shape of an arrow. The inside of the flyer includes several pictures that shows the different activities organized by the agency. It also display 8 cards with title and very short paragraph that explain what are these activities. The card design is to remind the potential client that the agency organizes activities specifically to each demand. Siem Reap à la Carte focuses on tailored made trips. You can see some other flyers I’ve made previously like the ones for Sombai, Belle & Zen or else Siem Reap French Week.

Business card

The business card (sometimes called name card) is in fact very simple. On one face, there is a picture of a Cambodian girl offering a lotus flower to the viewer. This photo is also present in the flyer. On the other face, we have the logo, the tagline and the contact informations. The card is in portrait mode to fit the photo.


The most recent work done on that visual identity is the web design. The website is made with WordPress with the help of two main add-ons called Advanced Custom fields (ACF) and Oxygen Builder. Advanced Custom Fields allows to personalize the interface and ease the creation of content for the client. On the other hand, Oxygen Builder let’s create the design within WordPress. Hence it also optimizes WordPress by accelerating the pages of the site.


All photos used on the bussiness card and flyer were taken by Angkor Photography Tours.

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visual identity of the back of the business card

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