Concept of colorful website design for Read Club Cambodia to transmit to a young public the joy of reading great books. The budget was going to be limited so I could not spend as much time as I wanted to make something more outstanding. Unfortunately the person who is running that club didn’t get the funding to realize it.


With this in mind, I started producing a simple logo. Nonetheless, this logo is unique enough to be memorized easily. In fact, rectangles of colors give a young and dynamic feeling in contrast with the font which reflets studies, reading. To summarize it’s the classiness versus the fun in a same package. Why not !


To begin with, I’ve imagined a website design with animations and a nice set of colors. Hence, the menu would be like pulling a page of book to reveal it underneath. Although I haven’t done the mobile version as the project could not be funded in the end. Shapes on the home page would be animated. Given that, floating icons would be a second entrance points to navigate through the website.

What’s more ? In the meantime, on the Readers page, each reader would make a video of themselves and present who they are and why they like reading.

Comes the Spots page reveals all the different sites where this young public can meet, relax and enjoy a nice book.

Following with the Member page would allow new people to join the group !

Finally the Gallery page would be, obviously, a page where the community would update regularly some nice photos of their concentrated readers.


If you like colorful project like this one, don’t hesitate to follow the 1st class¬†project.

Graphic design - mood board
Photo by Emily from Pexels
Photo of a raw of books

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