When I first contact the owner of Sombai, I would never imagine ending up creating their full visual identity. One day, some of their brand representative came to the guesthouse where I stayed at the time and let us taste their range of products they offered. Before they left, they gave us a flyer. By comparison to their products, this flyer didn’t reflect what I just tried. For that reason, I got on my computer and redesigned one side of the flyer before contacting Sombai. Indeed, it was exactly what my future client was looking for at the time. Eventually, this is how the whole thing started. Lucky !


The client had already a logo. Now that I’ve done one side of the flyer, we started from there. I finished the flyer following the instructions I was given and within a week, Sombai had a new flyer to show to its future customers.

Website design and development

The next most important thing was the website. Sombai’s workshop, at the time, was situated in an old Cambodian wooden house. I wanted to capture in the design that cozy atmosphere. Kroma is also part of their accessories so I had another graphic element I wanted in incorporate in the design of that new website. Lastly, the red color. The owner loves red, hence the logo, so that color was obviously going to be part of that full visual identity.

Business card

Obviously, the front of the card is red, displaying the logo and its tagline. The back reveals the contact informations, the map and a QR code linking to Tripadvisor to encourage people to rate Sombai.


This catalogue aims the travel agencies. It presents the company, the range of product Sombai has to offer and informs about the price of their different activities such as cocktail classes or tasting for exemple. The layout always shows a nice and big picture on the left side while it gives context and informations on the opposite side.

Street banner

We also redesigned the street banner. Hence it matched partially the design of the flyer so customers would have no difficulty finding the place from a distance.


The design for the stickers was another big part of that full visual identity refresh.


If you want to see more similar project to this one, please visit the Pestlab project.

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