I’ve worked with a travel agency to design a web site that would run for a limited time period. The goal was to push people recycling paper to obtain travel vouchers that allowed them to travel in South-east Asia through a selection of partnership hotels. Unfortunately, the pandemic gave a halt to the progression of the project.


The logo intended to be basic because the client preferred to focus on the website and social media. Given that, I’ve made something quickly. For the most part, I’ve searched for a font that would represent adventure, gave it some mouvement and a bright color to represent travel. Nothing fancy here.


A voucher is obtain when people bring their paper to the different recycle centers in Singapore. On the front, it shows obviously the logo, the title, a unique number, some nice photos of partnership hotels, an information on the potential discount price and the official organizers logo. At the back appears all the legal mentions as well as the contact informations.

Website design & development

Firstly, his website is made with WordPress. It’s a custom theme and I used a plugin called ACF (Advanced Custom Fields). I’ve been using this plugin in all my web site projects as it’s a good way to guide the clients when they want to update their site without the fear of breaking something along the way. This website is naturally responsive, in other words it’s compatible with mobiles, tablets and desktops devices. This website had few pages :

  • Home page (see aper├žu at the top of this page within the laptop presentation)
  • Terms & conditions
  • a page per partnership hotel

In conclusion, the web design used mainly two colors : The green from the logo and a two shades of purple/lila color. The design is fresh, dynamic and simple enough for customers to navigate through the site.


In addition, you can visit other web design project that I made here.

laptop image
web design - website part 1 web design - website part 2 web design - website part 3
Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels
Photo of a woman walking away from the camera on a suspended wooden bridge high up in the trees looking at the sea

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