I’ve had the opportunity to do the menu design for EASTanbul Restaurant in Siem Reap. EASTanbul has been operated for some years now. The chef originally made the menu by himself but the design was never very clear to me. Recently I’ve finally did everything from scratch for them.


The first step was to take photos of each dish. We did it across several days. The photos are not the best ones as we didn’t use any studio lighting but they are descent enough to make this menu.

Food menu

Once that step was done, I proceed making the menu. The plan was to have two distinct sides : One for vegetarians dishes and one for meat dishes. I’ve used the colors green and red of the price tags to make sure the customers quickly identify what side they are on. This new menu would have ingredients descriptions so we worked with the chef to make sure nothing would be missing. I also adapted the menu for the stand at the entrance of the restaurant. It has a square shape and both sides are displayed next to each other to make it easy for the customers to read the whole menu.

Drink menu

Once that menu was ready, I redo the drinks menu as well. We used the same 1:2 ratio than the main food menu and resized it down. Like the original, one side would be dedicated to the shakes and fresh coconut while the other side would be for Alcohols like wine, Raki and beer, as well as water and the classic sodas.

Suspended banner and Kakemono

Finally, I’ve realized few more formats such as a suspended banner for the entrance of the restaurant displaying the logo in english and in Khmer. The last item was a street sign, a kakemono. It is highlighting four of the best sellers dishes which are two vegetarians and two meat dishes. That sign is supposed to be visible from a distance so customers can’t miss the restaurant !

Food Menu (veggie) for Eastanbul Restaurant in Siem Reap - graphic design cambodia
Food Menu (meat) for Eastanbul Restaurant in Siem Reap - graphic design cambodia
Concept of suspended banner for eastanbul restaurant in siem reap - graphic design cambodia
Kakemono for Eastanbul Restaurant in Siem Reap - graphic design cambodia
Photo of Hummus and falafel dish with pickles and pita bread
Drinks menu, juices and shakes - graphic design cambodia
menu Alcohol and soda - graphic design cambodia
Photo of several dishes made by Eastanbul restaurant - photoshoot Cambodia
3D simulation of the Eastanbul menu in Siem Reap - graphic design cambodia

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