I worked with the Siem Reap travel Agency See Asia Differently to create a brand identity for their upcoming 2018 team building event called Bike Against the clock.



The first thing to start with was the design of the logo because it wraps the brand under a style, an identity that people can recognize instantly. The logo represents speed, time and sports. The title stacks on a circular fashion that transmits movement and rotation. That matchs perfectly the main sport of the event : cycling. The timer icon completes the set and keeps the logo within a squared shape.


The orange color indicates the dynamism of the event, the communication and team work. On the other hand, the desaturated dark purple is more grounded. It represents nature while having some warmth itself.

Cards & map

This event had 6 stations. Each team received a simplified map where each stations is indicated. Once arrived at a station, the team would follow the instructions on the card to win the challenge. Some challenges were more difficult than other of course but the main goal was fun.


Each stations of the competition had a Checkpoint banner to clearly guide the teams. The visual identity was once against consistant to avoid any confusion. Lastly, the mix of orange, dark purple and white detached itself very well from the surroundings.


To complete that brand identity, we created 2 t-shirt designs for the participants and more specifically for the winners.

Catalogue layout

Afterwards, we made a short catalogue that will be used as a support document for future events. Overall, it explained all the different requirements, highlighted the benefits of team building on two wheels, warned about safety rules and gave an idea of what would be a rough schedule for the next event. With those general instructions, See Asia Differently had a solid set to create more events in the future until the pandemic hit… One day maybe, they will be back !

For similar Brand Identity work, you can have a look at this French Week Event where a lot of support had to be done !

Photo of a group of cyclist on mountain bikes on a dirt road facing the camera
Catalogue for brand identity Bike Against the Clock - challenges cards
Catalogue for brand identity Bike Against the Clock - map

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