For a few years now, I’ve been working on the visual identity for Fellini Restaurant in Siem Reap. This identity includes 4 menus (Food, Vegan, Drinks and Wine), Visit card, loyalty card and leaflet.


Business card

Basically, most of the businesses need a visit/business card. This one is distributed with take away orders or customers can also pick them up on the way out of the restaurant. Given that, this card contains all the essentials : Address and phone number, logo, QR code that redirect to Tripadvisor and two other QR codes linked to the food menus (main and vegan).

Loyalty card

Another useful item is the loyalty card. Even though Siem Reap welcome a lot of tourists each year, many people have the opportunity to come to Fellini several times. That loyalty card is here to reward those who visit the restaurant in a regular basis.


In short, Siem Reap has a decent amount of hotels and restaurants. In that regard, competition is constant so having the right format to present its business is important. It should have just enough content so it’s easy and fast too read. Once folded this format is quite small. In fact, the accordion layout gives a nice and logical way to discover the content. One side focuses on the restaurant itself: what events they support and their contact informations when the other side highlight the type of food they serve.

4 menus

Designing those menus have been so fat the biggest part of the job. First, we made another format with an hard cover. But then, the client changed the format with the one you can see above. In summary, it was decided to have 4 distinct menus : Menu, Vegan menu, Drinks menu and Wine menu. These news menus follow the same presentation as the previous ones except that they are not has tall as before.


On the other hand, check this other restaurant visual identity I’ve done for EASTanbul restaurant.

Business card (front) for Fellini restaurant
Business card (back) for Fellini restaurant

Andrea Di Stefano

I own a restaurant in Siem Reap and I have been referring to Damien for a few years. He is professional, efficient and competent. Gentle as a person and very correct. I highly recommend him.

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Loyalty card (front) for Fellini restaurant
Loyalty card (back) for Fellini restaurant
Visual identity leaflet for fellini restaurant (side a)
Visual identity leaflet for fellini restaurant (side b)
Photo of a pizza with brocoli, cream and mushrooms in top view
Photo of a pizza with dry ham and rocket salad in top view
Photo showing Fellini restaurant's bamboo structure from the outside at night

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