I’ve created for Pestlab, across several years, a complete visual branding identity that we extend from time to time.


In Cambodia, logos should always incorporate Khmer writing. In fact, for international companies, it’s quite often a challenge because we end up with more text to fit. The graphical part of the logo represents the different types of insect that Pestlab deal with. The beaker refers to the word “Lab” in the name. The logo works on different background colors and also in different containers (horizontal or vertical).


The green color refers to the ecological side of the brand. Some of the products they provide are in fact natural product. The desaturated brown color refers to the ground, the natural environnement where most of the insects live.

Business card

On the front side of the card, I’ve created a pattern with the use of the icons seen in the original logo. This is a powerful visual to identify the branding in an instant. To make it even more interesting, I’ve highlighted some of the icons in white. The other side of the card displays the usual contact informations. Here we can also see the horizontal version of the logo. I’ve extended the lines from the logo to frame and emphasize some informations such as the keywords in the bottom left corner of the space.

Front shop

All the banners and panels reuse what was created above. In fact, the “insect pattern” takes an important real estate to make the branding recognizable easily.

Advertisement panel

One of the last work was to make a banner for their transporting vehicle. Once again, we find key graphical elements of the visual branding such as the diagonal, the insect pattern and the color palet.


For a complete visual branding it’s often useful to have a set of icons that fit perfectly with the rest of the artworks when needed. Here I’ve vectorized 6 of the most common pests Pestlab deals with frequently and framed them inside a “forbidden” sign. Normally, this sign would be red and black but instead, here, we used the branding colors to perfectly fit the artworks.


We also realized a design of a leaflet (which is not yet shown on this page).

Video Animation

Furthermore, we made also a video animation which focuses on the mosquitoes traps, the ant gel and where Pestlab mainly operates in Cambodia. It clearly shows how efficient those traps are at capturing thousands of mosquitoes.


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Max KH

Really professional and reliable. He is really creative and know how to adapt a design or logo to a company identity. We all the time use his services when we need any design for our company. I recommend.

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business card for Pestlab Cambodia (Front) - graphic design cambodia
business card for Pestlab Cambodia (back) - graphic design cambodia
visual branding for pestlab - insect pattern white
visual branding for pestlab - front shop banner part 2
3D simulation for Pestlab triporteur
visual branding for pestlab - insect pattern white
Leaflet design for Pestlab
Photo of a close up of a mosquito feeding itself

Nice, I can help with some 3D simulations !

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