This was my first experience making architecture illustration plan(s) but it’s a pleasant job to do. There is a lot of different ways to represent certain textures. There is a balance to be found between color and emptiness where only the original map lines remains.


At this point, we started with the graphic design of the logo. As can be seen, one of the highlighted features of the site was its sea bungalows. They form in an oval shape, facing outwards. In fact, the logo represents those bungalows. The logo’s curvy shape takes its inspiration from all the buildings that incorporate those rounded and natural architecture. Finally, its color reflects the sand as the french name for “La Plage” means “The beach” in english. You can look at all the quality logos I’ve designed here.

Map illustrations

I’ve created a series of maps that helped the future client understanding clearly where this resort would stand. The first map is the most general one. It displays South East Asia where the focus point is highlighted using a floating transparent square with a white boarder. The name Koh Smach appears. The second information indicates the different flying distances that separate the island from the main cities of Thailand, China, Vietnam and finally Cambodia from where it belongs.

Plan illustration(s)

After I received the different plan(s), I started to bring them to life with textures and colors. The main plan represents the whole resort. Every building appears in white. Certainly, water and nature take an important section of the map. Undoubtedly, the bungalows on the sea are the ones that popup the most. Then, followed with each separated plan: One for each villa, one for the restaurant, one for the spa, and one for the bungalows.


The keywords for the catalogue were all in all freshness, modernity and lightness. The pages on the left hand side included 3D renders provided by the architecture company. I used simple curved to create a dynamic layout. Some of the element of the picture popped out of the frame to give more importance to certain elements. On the right hand side I laid out the previously made architecture illustration plan. I’ve added some informations such as a title, the location on the main map and some indications about surfaces.

Illustration of map of Asia for the project La Plage - graphic design cambodia
Illustration of a top view beach - graphic design cambodia

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