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Coffret of 5 metal boxes of tea
Coffret of 3 metal boxes of tea
All tea paper packaging
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh
Tea field

Over the passed years, I’ve worked on the development of a range of Tea packaging for the company called Khla which also has a tea section.


As this company was new, we started with the logo. The idea was to have a lantern somewhere in that logo design. After several attempts and research, I ended up using a font vertically and suspend a lantern. That lantern is covered with the famous Japanese Seigaiha Pattern which represents a blue wave of sea except that in this case, the colour adapts to the packaging.

Metal tea packaging

The following after designing the logo was to organized the content on a cylindrical metallic box. The logo had to appear as big as possible. The title is in two languages, english and french. The Japanese pattern is place on the sides and the instructions at the back. Once everything fit nicely I could keep going and decline each other type of tea present in the collection.


Same as we did for Khla peppers packaging, these tea boxes we going to fit in coffret of 3 or 5 teas. I kept this packaging very minimalistic and play only with the logo and pattern.


Along the way, I’ve designed a set of icons specifically for that tea collection. We have 4 icons that represent the best time to drink those tea (morning, all day, evening, night). Another icon indicates the temperature that goes in pair with the icon about infusion timing. The icon with the cup is used with a text that indicates the quantity of tea we need per serving in tea spoon. Finally, the tea bag icon shows what kind of shape the tea bags are in the box.

Cardboard tea packaging

Then we adapted the packaging design to rectangle boxes (two sizes : wide and small). The boxes have two way of reading the content on the boxe which permits the shops to position those boxes horizontally or vertically depending of the space they allow for the product.

RGB 179 28 26
CMYK 20 99 98 12
HEX #b31c1a
RGB 230 47 49
CMYK 0 92 80 0
HEX #e62f31

233 120 37

4 62 91 0


248 190 0

2 27 95 0


150 168 36

49 19 100 2


5 96 136

91 53 27 11


237 149 45

4 49 88 0


228 163 5

10 38 98 1


180 188 75

37 14 82 0


4 120 167

85 41 18 4


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