“1st Class” is a new kinder garden school in Siem Reap (Cambodia) that needed a visual identity and a logo design. We naturally started with logo. The client had an idea of a child playing with cubes arranged a way that we could read the “1st Class. The logo should be playful and colorful. Also, the client needed to display a big panel at the front of the property showing their contact number and some keywords to attract potential customers. The gate required a design as well but this time it was going to be painted on.


The logo was pretty much straight forward. I laid out the cubes and found a way to have the baby playing with the first one like he is placing the last piece of the puzzle. You can find here all the other logos I’ve made so far.


The banner had to display different type of informations like logo, key phrases, phone number, address, other logo, QR code and some of the most attractive pictures showing kids having fun and doing 1st class activities.


After having created several versions, I like to create simulations of where the banner will be standing so the client doesn’t have to picture it. I’ve also simulated the painting on the gate. To make things simple I’ve reused the face expression of the kid in the logo. That big smile represents well the purpose of the school : Make kids happy and confident.


Finally the last part of the job was to create several illustrations of kids so the client could use them independently across their other future materials when necessary. I provided a total of 8 different illustrations declined in several colors. That was the end of that logo design and visual identity for 1st Class pre-school in Siem Reap (Cambodia).

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