First I have reproduced plans of the Siem Reap’s world famous Angkor Wat and the other temples in the area then, I created a concept website design that would go in pair with a book.


These plans used in the book are here to follow the steps of the writer whose searching though the numerous temples of Cambodia along the story. I cannot show them so clearly as other people might used them in the wrong way. Hence there is an aperçu of one of them “Preah Khan” in the list of images present on this page.

Web design

This website is pretty straight forward. It has an home page that elegantly present the book with a resumé and some extracts. Few photos and a plan are shown to give a taste of what is the content of this book. Then it explains the 3 different way of buying the book : Coffret “Beau Livre”, Livre Papier “Prolongé” or Livre en version digitale. Finally it ends with a section where people can register. Once registered, customers have now access to the extra content that comes with the book which are : 10 plans and almost 100 photos. They can also download an application that gives access to that same content.

We agreed with the client that this website design to be very elegant, like in some museums:

  • The lines pattern represents the stone, the roughness in a very abstract way.
  • The colors are soft and desaturated.
  • The photos are large and detailed but still that website is responsive and fits mobile screens perfectly.
  • The icons and interactive elements have a lot of space around them to facilitate the navigation.


If your are interested in this kind of website design for book, please visit the Sirivan Concept Store project!

laptop image
webside design for Varman - Home page part 1webside design for Varman - Home page part 2
Varman pattern

Nice, I can help with some 3D simulations !

I'd like to open a shop and I want to have an idea of how it would look.

Happy to chat :-)