Antevasi brand was new on the market and needed my services to create its new visual identity.


As often, the first step is to design the logo that will give the tone to the brand. In brief, the client’s keyword was : Unicorn. I went for a line style logo with no cuts. Once the silhouette of the unicorn defined, I went on with loops all around to create that feeling of roundness, softness and infinite. The light blue color or sky color represents the air, simplicity, health and freshness.

Business card

The business card or name card is part of that visual identity. It stands in portrait mode. For the front side of the card I used the logo with a slight different style (two thin lines instead of one). That way, even being big and cropped, it would look light. On the back side, the logo appears in its original form. Then, at the bottom of the card, we can find all the informations like contact number, email and QR code.


In order to complete that visual identity, the client needed a small booklet. Meanwhile, we agreed on a one fold format. Given that, the cover displays the logo and a full frame background photo representing 2 rocks with a sphere share on top of each other. That photo was found on Accordingly, the back of the booklet is identical to the business card. At last, the inside of the booklet has 2 pages of content. The first page is a definition of yoga followed by a presentation of the company Antevasi while the second page explains shortly the 4 cornerstones of what makes yoga, which are : Strength & Poise, Energy, Deep Rest and Insight.


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Photo by Flickr from Pexels
Visual Identity of business card for the company Antevasi (front) in Cambodia
Visual Identity of business card for the company Antevasi (back) in Cambodia
Photo by Pixabay on
Visual Identity, original photo of 2 round stones on top of each other

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