This menu design for Asana bar is a concept. Moreover, it was never printed and used. The goal was to create a simple board menu where all the content would fit on two sides.


At first, I took some photos around the property to have a collection of textures that I would use to recreate the atmosphere. The prominent texture is wood because of the main Cambodian house obviously and nature for all the plants and palm trees they have around the area. In fact, the atmosphere is cozy and their cocktails are colorful.

Eventually I wanted to use the wood somewhere in the menu to reflect the atmosphere. Also I wanted to use enough plant element to match the atmosphere of the place itself.


Overall, the front side reveals two columns. The first column takes one third of the space. It has a wooden texture and a chalkboard covers most of the surface. There is informations about what surrounds Asana like the Siem Reap Farmer Market, Khmer Cocktail Class, Herbal Cocktail Guide, Asana Lodge and also Herbal Kulen Tea. On the second column, the list of many cocktails is displayed. It has a cream color with blue price tags for contrast and great readability.


The back side has three columns. This time, the wooden texture takes two third of the menu space design. The chalkboard panels display different list of drinks like Shots, Sombai, Fruit shakes, long drinks, water, soft drinks, herbal tea, Cambodia beer and Sangria. There is also a panel “About Asana”. On the left hand side, that last column is dedicated to wine. It has a purple background which contrast with the yellow price tags.


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Concept of menu for Asana Bar in Siem Reap (front side) - graphic design cambodia
Concept of menu for Asana Bar in Siem Reap (back side) - graphic design cambodia

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