One of my first Hotel Branding Identity which included several materials such as logo, menus, compendium, business papers, amenities and more.


Royal Angkor Resort & Spa needed a full refresh on their branding identity. We started with the logo as it is always a good starting point. The owner is fond of the color copper so it became the main guide of the identity.


The client also asked to redesign their wide range of menus. At first we worked on a set of covers for : Guest Services Directory, Room Service Menu, Spa Menu, Temple Lounge menu, Drink menu and Kids menu. All of them were square with different sizes in order to differentiate them easily. Later on, I also create a concept for the restaurant food menu.

Icons set

When communicating through social media or advertisement within magazines, it’s always good to have a set of graphical elements that can be reused easily. In fact, I created a set of unique and fresh icons that completed their hotel branding identity.

Key card

Following with the design of the keycard. They wanted a mini folder to house the key card and give additional informations such as how to use it, Room number, Wifi name and password, time table of services within the hotel and check out time. The back of the card holder contained a nice picture as well as their contact informations.

Door handle

Many hotels have a “do not disturb” sign and I designed one for Royal Angkor. White on one side “Please, make up my room”, then copper color on the opposite side “Please, do not disturb”. Hence, this sign were translated in 3 other languages : Chinese, Korean and Japanese.


In addition, for their 14th birthday, the hotel came back to me with an additional work : Designing a t-shirt to celebrate their new anniversary.

Amenities packaging

This part of the project was interesting and new for me. The main theme was “flowers”. I’ve selected a flower for each packaging of the range of amenities and associated with that unavoidable copper color. The result was elegant and design.

Business card

I haven’t shown all the other documents that I’ve created along the business card because they were quite simple. One side of the business card shows one of the “umbrella” used in the logo while the other side includes all the necessary informations.


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Photo by Oyen Rodriguez
Photo by Oyen Rodriguez
Photo of the lobby of Royal Angkor.
Hotel Branding Identity - Key card
Hotel Branding Identity - door sign
Photo by Oyen Rodriguez
Photo of one of the Hotel's bedroom
Hotel Branding Identity - t-shirt design
Hotel Branding Identity - amenities
Hotel Branding Identity - business card front
Hotel Branding Identity - business card back

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