3D simulation of stickers for Skincare - graphic design cambodia
Mosaic stickers for Skincare Solution - graphic design cambodia
Skincare solution loyalty card (front) - graphic design cambodia
Skincare solution loyalty card (back) - graphic design cambodia
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A woman seeing from the side wrapped in a white towel
Gift certificate for Skincare - graphic design cambodia
Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels
Photo representing a woman under care by another woman rubbing sponges on her face

I worked with the owner of Skincare Solutions to create a graphic identity that would correspond the best with what the client had in mind. Furthermore, the keywords were : Premium, quality, natural and professional.


The main idea for the graphic identity of the logo was the brush mark. The client painted herself several samples. Given that, I created a reusable pattern. Nevertheless, this logo is also adapted for dark backgrounds. The dark blue/grey color associated with white represent well all the keywords enumerated above.


There was a growing range of products which needed to be organized with future evolution in mind. This was the biggest challenge of this graphic identity. Regardless of the shape of the sticker, the layout and content would morph accordingly. I defined colors along the way, making sure they would always fit within the keywords set. Each sticker has a white rectangle displaying the logo, the mention “Professional” when required, the name of the product, the content and finally its corresponding background color.

Loyalty card

The front of the card, on a white background, displays a brush mark separated from the text of the logo. Hence, it gives a very classy and professional look to it. On the other hand, the back side uses that dark blue/grey color. Obviously, the title is on top followed by a series of white round shapes and a 20% off discount area. Finally, a short sentence explain how this loyalty card offers.


The booklet is also an important part of that graphic identity. The cover resembles to the other formats. The first part talks about the specialist. Then follows across several pages a presentation of each skincare services. The last spread gives additional informations like address, contact number and more.

Gift certificate

I’ve also create a gift card following the same graphic identity that the rest of the documents. The front side is bright while the back side is dark and includes all the informations needed for a client wanting to offer a care to a friend or family member.

Business card

At last, the business card or name card. Again, it follows the same identity : bright for the front and dark for the back with just the necessary informations.


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RGB 71 83 92
CMYK 73 58 50 30
HEX #47535c
RGB 142 157 168
CMYK 47 32 27 1
HEX #8e9da8

79 95 99

70 52 50 24


181 133 160

30 53 20 0


190 154 119

26 39 56 1


196 177 95

25 25 76 0


102 135 103

63 31 67 10


153 188 144

43 12 53 0


197 191 146

24 19 48 0


188 124 82

23 55 74 5


94 45 31

39 78 82 52


174 78 47

23 79 91 14


144 167 181

46 26 22 0




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