booklet perspective view
Photo by Anjali by Syphon
Anjali hotel's pool photo
Photo by Anjali by Syphon
Anjali hotel room
Photo by Anjali by Syphon
Photo of Bayon temples' faces

Graphic design creation of menu, drink list and booklet for the Siem Reap based hotel called Anjali by Syphon.


The first job was to layout a booklet which shows to the different tours that the hotel has to offer. In the first place, each excursion lasts from half a day and up to three days. Also, large scale beautiful images are shown on each double page (or spread). In brief, we have :

  • a title in a colorful rectangle,
  • an information about the length of the visit and some highlights,
  • a details description of the journey,
  • and the departure and arrival times with some more textual details.

In Room menu

This menu was very elegant, tall and thin. In fact, there was no staple, no glue, no sticker and no images. Contrarily, there was only few folded pages kept in place with a rubber band. altogether, that band attached itself to a piece of precious wooden board. Hence, the cover on the front was narrower than the one on the back which let the menu pages inside sticking out while revealing the title of the menu.

Pool menu

Without a doubt, the pool menu naturally followed most of the visual identity of the previous materials. By comparison, the fonts remain the same. The text layouts are similar for the most part. The difference came mostly from the support. Instead of being few pages, it was just one double side rigid board with one white side for the food and the Anjali soft pinky brown color for the drink side.


At last, check on more graphic design menu like this one for EASTanbul Restaurant for exemple.

RGB 112 100 99
CMYK 54 54 52 20
HEX #706463
RGB 116 206 214
CMYK 51 0 17 0
HEX #74ced6

137 177 106

51 14 75 1


232 192 68

10 23 86 0


Nice, I can help with some 3D simulations !

I'd like to open a shop and I want to have an idea of how it would look.

Happy to chat :-)