Graphic design of business card - front
Graphic design of business card - back
Photo by shop676's photographer
Photo of the front of the shop

Small but elegant graphic design work for the owner of the Shop 676 in Kandal village, Siem Reap (Business card, Street sign, Social card).

Business card

The main need for the client was to have a new graphic design for its business card so we started from here. The logo was already done by another designer so all I need to do is layout everything nicely. For the front side of the card I used the icons that are present on the front shop glasses doors. Those two shapes, combined, made the final icon design of shop676. Then I added the social media icons Facebook, Tripadvisor and Instagram that are the three main references that people use to find this place. Secondly, on the back side of the card, I’ve created a map which is as wide as the card itself. The colors from the logo are reused in different lighter shade. On the bottom left hand side comes a QR code redirecting to Google Maps followed by the usual contact informations.

Social card

Further more, the client wanted a small card that would be add in the bag of each customer after a purchase. In fact, the mini leaflet focuses only on social medias. Inside we find 3 QR codes referring to Google Maps, Facebook and Tripadvisor. A short sentence pushed the customer to review the shop.

Street sign

The most recent job for Shop676 was to design a street sign using obviously the same style and elements as previously. The size and shape was kind of imposed by Kandal Village but that was it.


If you wish to see other similar graphic design work, please check this one (Anjali by Syphon).

RGB 152 135 84
CMYK 39 39 76 10
HEX #988754
RGB 219 211 191
CMYK 14 13 24 0
HEX #dbd3bf

167 216 245

32 3 0 0


209 210 212

17 13 12 0


88 88 91

64 56 52 28


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